International fuck – Parte I

Ela: Are you in Lisbon Right now
D: Yes, and although i don’t know how do you look you are extremely turning me on
D: Do you like squirting?
Ela: I would love that .. But never happened to me , still hopeful
D: Never?? Maybe no guy knew the trick
Ela: Never!
D: Every girl i am having sex with, squirts
Ela: Are you the one who knows?
D: It’s a special technique. Of Course!
Ela: Ah ah ah
D: It’s not sooo difficult
Ela: Good atitude
D: Every woman can squirt
Ela: Not sure about that…
D: Since i have learned that technique from another woman
Ela: Hmmm
D: Only one woman didn’t squirt when we had sex
Ela: How long are you in Lisbon? I’m curious about that technique
D: I can show you
D: But i take 100€ per lesson!
Ela: 100€???
D: No, i am joking
Ela: I know LOL
D: I no whore. I do it because i enjoy seeing women do it
Ela: I really would love to squirt some day…
D: I can show you… but you have to show me something i don’t know in exchange
Ela: Do you know how to make deeptroat?
Ela: That was what i was going to say… deeptroat. Mind reader??
D: It’s such a pity… i never had a woman who could do that. Yes i can read your dirty fantasies!
Ela: My blowjob is amazing. I really love doing it, until I’m out of breath
D: This is the best a woman can do…
Ela: And my eyes full with water
D: But many don’t know how to do blowjobs
Ela: And messy….really messy!
D: Woooaaa. This is making me soo hot
Ela: Good i like that!
D: Can i come in your throat?
Ela: Or in my face. You choose. When do you leave?
D: You make the blowjob, you choose… you know how to make me cum
D: I leave Monday
Ela: Is late now… Are you in a hotel?
D: No at a friend’s place, not alone but we can go to a hotel
Ela: Tomorrow, lunch time!
D: I can be there at 13pm
Ela: That’s good, its exiting and i love the adrenaline
Ela: If you make me squirt… woooooow
D: You will see. Not only one time!


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