She’s Bad…

Real bad!

Wait and see!

Vídeo alucinante que acompanha uma música hipnotizante.

Ela é linda mas muito má! É coleccionadora de… vejam!

DyE ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad


Outlandish Parisians Dent de Cuir Cut Up a Cautionary Tale of Seduction !

“It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings,” says wunderkind French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye, of his latest music video for, “She’s Bad,” a track featuring the vocal stylings of west-coast rap legend Egyptian Lover. The short sees temptress Aude Auffret saunter round a tiki bar setting, her face replaced with library footage cuttings of wildlife and fizzing volcanic springs, Altered States-style. “We were looking at John Stezaker’s layered, peel-away collages, and referenced a book of tattoos and how they sit on the body,” say filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege, who have created color-splashed animated works for Modeselektor and compatriot beat-freak Sebastian under their moniker Dent de Cuir.

Directed by Dent De Cuir
Produced by Excuse My French / Premiere Heure & Tigersushi





5 thoughts on “She’s Bad…

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZST-Ok7VUo

    “I want to know how it will end.
    I want to be sure of what it will cost.
    I want to strangle the stars for all they promised me.
    I want you to call me on your drug phone.
    I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of murder later.
    I want to be there when you learn the cost of desire.
    I want you to understand that my malevolence is just a way to win.
    I want the name of the ruiner.
    I want matches in case I have to suddenly burn.
    I want you to know that being kind is overrated.
    I want to write my secret across your sky.
    I want to watch you lose control.
    I want to watch you lose.
    I want to know exactly what it’s going to take.
    I want to see you insert yourself into glory.
    I want your touches to scar me so I’ll know where you’ve been.
    I want you to watch when I go down in flames.
    I want a list of atrocities done in your name.
    I want to reach my hand into the dark and feel what reaches back.
    I want to remember when my nightmares were clearer.
    I want to be there when your hot black rage rips wide open.
    I want to taste my own kind.
    I want to be wrapped in cold wet sheets to see if it’s different on this side.
    I want you to come on strong.
    I want to leave you out in the cold.
    I want the exact same thing but different.
    I want some soft drugs…some soft, soft drugs.
    I want to throw you.
    I want you to know I know.
    I want to know if you read me.
    I want to swing with my eyes shut and see what I hit.
    I want to know just how much you hate me so I can predict what you’ll do.
    I want you to know the wounds are self-inflicted.
    I want a controlling interest.
    I want to be somewhere beautiful when I die.
    I want to be your secret hater.
    I want to stop destroying you but I can’t.
    And I want and I want and I want and I will always be hungry.
    And I want and I want and I want.”

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