Let me breathe you in, and never let you go…

O vídeo que está a partir a internet devido ao seu conteúdo NSFW, faz-nos aguardar pelas últimas frames para se desvendar o que já estamos à espera há uns segundos.

Mas calma… é uma prótese! O objectivo era chocar e foi atingido.

Todo o zum zum só nos distrai de uma música mesmo boa. Diria mesmo hipontizante. Enjoy!

Published on Feb 1, 2016
Produced by JOHNNY WHAT
Mixed by Kyle Mangels

Featuring Shaun Ross
Directed by JOHNNY WHAT
Director of Photography: Thor Wixom
1st Assistant Camera: Jason Rowlen
Make up: Gabe Acero
Editing: John Debiase


When the blood is lost
It turns to rust
We return our hearts
Into the dust

And now my ancient love
Goes on and on and on
Let me breathe you in
And never let you go
Though my heart may take it’s time
I still believe in love
What I wanted all along
I never knew was us
To dust

Til our wings fall off
into the sun
Caught in everyone
Is every song

Though my heart may take it’s time
I still believe in us
Like I’m staring at the sun
I still believe in us
Though we’ve lived a thousand lives
I still believe