She’s Bad…

Real bad! Wait and see! Vídeo alucinante que acompanha uma música hipnotizante. Ela é linda mas muito má! É coleccionadora de… vejam! DyE ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad Sobre Outlandish Parisians Dent de Cuir Cut Up a Cautionary Tale of Seduction ! “It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for […]

Sexy sweat! goooooooooo Teyana

Kanye West’s’ latest visual offering from The Life Is Pablo sees a thundering Flashdance-referencing performance from American R&B artist Teyana Taylor. Claro que no fim tem que haver algo que nos deixe wtf! Mas é sem dúvida um grande video e um dos melhores rabos fit que tenho visto! Sexy as hell!

About that pussy…

Até eu fiquei com vontade de provar uma Nigerian Pussy! Lick my kitty kitty kitty kitty cat Nigerian pussy is the tightest Ghanian pussy is not Nigerian pussy is the softest Naija pussy is the cream of the crop Naija pussy make a nigga wanna pay I grab it off the shelf and he buy […]

I could be your fantasy

Viciada e já na playlist Bring Sex Back So you say you wanna get away We don’t need a plane I could be your escape Take you to a place Where there’s no time, no space I could be your private island On a different planet Anything could happen Listen to the waves Let them […]

Summer time love… hummm

We could stay here forever Okay, okay But we could also go back to my place Maybe, maybe Drift away like a feather Away, away Find our only jungle in space We’ll do if we want to We’ll do if we want to We’ll do if we want to Let’s live forever free We’ll do […]


Este vídeo e banda sonora dispensam comentários… O poder das imagens sensuais que despertam luxúria e lascívia.