The winter is coming

The days get shorter, and the sun seems to have lost its intensity, which we know well on summer days.

Winter is coming.

And it’s so good!

For me, it means a change in wardrobe, the possibility of wearing accessories and layered lingerie.

Long coats, gloves and hats, socks and garters, boots and fur collars.

It is also a sign that the weekends are to be spent under the sheets, in good company, to the sound of a beautiful playlist.

Here is the opening song …


She’s Bad…

Real bad!

Wait and see!

Vídeo alucinante que acompanha uma música hipnotizante.

Ela é linda mas muito má! É coleccionadora de… vejam!

DyE ft. Egyptian Lover – She’s Bad


Outlandish Parisians Dent de Cuir Cut Up a Cautionary Tale of Seduction !

“It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings,” says wunderkind French producer Juan de Guillebon, AKA Dye, of his latest music video for, “She’s Bad,” a track featuring the vocal stylings of west-coast rap legend Egyptian Lover. The short sees temptress Aude Auffret saunter round a tiki bar setting, her face replaced with library footage cuttings of wildlife and fizzing volcanic springs, Altered States-style. “We were looking at John Stezaker’s layered, peel-away collages, and referenced a book of tattoos and how they sit on the body,” say filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege, who have created color-splashed animated works for Modeselektor and compatriot beat-freak Sebastian under their moniker Dent de Cuir.

Directed by Dent De Cuir
Produced by Excuse My French / Premiere Heure & Tigersushi





Sensual Miami roller-disco… HOT

A música já estava na minha playlist BSB mas hoje lembrei-me de partilhar o seu videoclip que para além de hipnotizante é super sexy e liga na perfeição com a batida da música!
O francês ainda é uma língua de lúxuria! Damnnnn

Sobre a música:
Brigitte, aka the disco-charged Parisien duo Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada, seek to tap into the era of Studio 54 to find a gaze that was not exclusively filtered through male eyes in the video for “J’sais Pas.”

Sobre o vídeo:

“Sylvie and I wanted to show a feminine view about sex and women: something hypnotic, sensual, but not vulgar. To see this girl just riding in the street, filming her little shorts, her ass. This is the paradox of women: we like to see a sexy girl, also.”

We shot in Miami among the coconut trees and the pink flamingos. I wanted to film a roller-skating girl from the back, without showing her face because she is an everywoman. It was not easy to find a girl who rollerskates, most people rollerblade today. She is just a girl on the street. I didn’t want to have a model with skinny legs. I wanted to have a real woman



A mulher e a serpente…

O título é AUTOEROTIC e sem dúvida cumpre o seu propósito… a forma elegante como ela se move e se enrola com a serpente é super erótico de facto.

A descrição também tem o seu charme
“A beautiful, restricted and groomed woman dances ecstatically in an elegant weave with a serpent. Every day, for a brief moment, this beautiful woman permits herself, whether by her own consciousness or by the nature of her being, to indulge in the sensuality of life, and embrace a moment of awakening by shedding herself from reality into an autoerotic fantasy.”