Sensual Miami roller-disco… HOT

A música já estava na minha playlist BSB mas hoje lembrei-me de partilhar o seu videoclip que para além de hipnotizante é super sexy e liga na perfeição com a batida da música!
O francês ainda é uma língua de lúxuria! Damnnnn

Sobre a música:
Brigitte, aka the disco-charged Parisien duo Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada, seek to tap into the era of Studio 54 to find a gaze that was not exclusively filtered through male eyes in the video for “J’sais Pas.”

Sobre o vídeo:

“Sylvie and I wanted to show a feminine view about sex and women: something hypnotic, sensual, but not vulgar. To see this girl just riding in the street, filming her little shorts, her ass. This is the paradox of women: we like to see a sexy girl, also.”

We shot in Miami among the coconut trees and the pink flamingos. I wanted to film a roller-skating girl from the back, without showing her face because she is an everywoman. It was not easy to find a girl who rollerskates, most people rollerblade today. She is just a girl on the street. I didn’t want to have a model with skinny legs. I wanted to have a real woman


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